Data Security

Services for protecting critical information for client's businesses.

Services and projects for the protection of intellectual property and critical information for our clients' businesses which protect the information itself as well as the mode of access, to guarantee the availability, confidentiality and integrity of company data.

Intellectual Property Protection

Analysing, designing and implementing complete solutions to protect intellectual property.

Data Security Framework Design

Defining a technical and procedural framework for securing company information in terms of both "structured data" (e.g. databases) and "non-structured" data (e.g. office documents, emails etc.).

Data Classification & Protection Solutions

Analysing, designing and implementing solutions for classifying and protecting data (e.g. Data Classification, Data Loss Prevention, Enterprise Rights Management, etc.). In this field, Horizon Security boasts its own suite of products that integrate with all the main products on the market.

Events & News on this topic


Protection of Intellectual Property


ISACA Digital Risk Event: business evolution of Information Security

Friday 15 April 2016, Horizon Security participates to the event organized by ISACA Venice Chapter at Trento's University in order to share experiences and point of view about the business evolution of information security. Participation is free of charge and for any information it's possible to contact