Information Security
& Strategy

Consultation services on Governance, Risk, Compliance and Business Continuity.

Security Governance, Risk, Compliance and Business Continuity services to support clients in IT security governance within the company, IT risk management in compliance to sector regulations/standards
(es: Privacy, ISO 27001, PCI DSS).

Security Strategy Development

Assessing current IT security maturity within a company context (both at an organisational and technical level) and defining the multi-year strategies and programmes required to achieve the desired model incrementally and efficiently.

Security Governance Design

Defining the models and tools (e.g. processes, policy, procedures, metrics, etc.) for efficient governance and management of IT security within the company context.

Security Risk Management

Defining a framework for IT risk governance by defining and implementing methodologies, policies, processes and tools that facilitate the appropriate identification, assessment and management of IT risks.

Security Compliance Assurance

Verifying conformity to security regulations and/or standards (e.g. Privacy, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, Bank of Italy regulations etc.) in order to identify potential shortcomings and corresponding remedial action.

Security Awareness & Training

Preparing and delivering training sessions (classroom/e-learning) aimed at raising staff awareness of the key areas and challenges in IT security and/or improving the technical preparedness of IT staff to identify and effectively counteract key threats/vulnerabilities.

Security Consulting

Consultation aimed at supporting Information Security company structures in conducting and managing operational activities (e.g. PMO, operational protection).

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ISACA Digital Risk Event: business evolution of Information Security

Friday 15 April 2016, Horizon Security participates to the event organized by ISACA Venice Chapter at Trento's University in order to share experiences and point of view about the business evolution of information security. Participation is free of charge and for any information it's possible to contact