Defensive Technology

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Helping organizations to define and adopt efficient technology programs and processes in order to improve their Cyber Security agenda.

Roadmap & Program Delivery

Designing, executing and managing specific Cyber Security technologies programs in order to maximize related cost/investments by applying industry-leading methodologies and frameworks for (as appropriate to the size and nature of an organization).

Cloud & IoT Protection

Securing Cloud services and IoT ecosystems through the design and implementation of specific and efficient technologies and processes.

Secure Software Development

Implementing a secure software development strategy and culture (SDLC) in order to enhance the Cyber Security protection of the business services and applications.

Data Protection Life Cycle

Implementing Data Protection programs through the definition and implementation of adequate technologies and processes for protecting business-critical and sensitive data in on-premise and on-cloud environments.

Enhanced Secure Access

Identifying and adopting enhanced technologies and measures (e.g. Conditional Access, Multi-Factor Authentication) for strengthening users access to organization IT services.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Designing and implementing advanced protection solutions for detecting and responding to persistent threats considering both desktop and mobile scenarios.