Emerging Technology Risks

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Helping organizations to analyze new technologies and innovative areas in order to identify potential risk scenarios, design secure patterns, verify the real security level of prototypes and so on.

Connected Cars / Devices

The new IoT devices interconnected through one or more ecosystems introduce a considerable complexity in terms of Cyber and Safety Issues.

New Mobility Technologies

The continuous evolution of mobile connection technologies that allow a significant increase in bandwidth, the number of connections and use new protocols introduce new critical Cyber Security scenarios.

Smart Cities

The introduction of smart infrastructures such as smart buildings, smart cities, smart airports, etc require an assessment of new Cyber Risk Scenarios.

Manufacturing 4.0

Digitization in manufacturing industries necessarily leads to evaluating new risk scenarios, designing new architecture and adopting new Cyber Security solutions.

Robotics & HyperAutomation

Hyperautomation refers to an approach in which organizations rapidly identify and automate as many business processes as possible introducing a lot of potentially Cyber Security issues and new risk scenarios.

And Others...

Horizon Security constantly studies and explores innovative areas, technologies and contexts in order to always be ready to help organizations on Cyber Security needs.