Operational Technology Security

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Helping organizations to extend their Cyber Security agenda to Operational Technology ecosystems by adopting adequate frameworks, processes and technologies.

Maturity Assessment

Evaluating the current Cyber Security maturity level of the OT ecosystem by using industry-leading methodologies and frameworks and covering compliance and technical requirements (e.g. C2M2, ISA/IEC 64443).

Risk Management

Definition of OT Risk Management framework (processes, methodologies and tools) and execution of specific OT Risk Assessment activities in order to adequately manage Cyber Security risks related to the industrial context.

Organization & Process Definition

Evaluating and defining specific OT organizational framework in terms of hierachical structure, processes, roles and responsibilities in order to improve the Cyber Security capabilities of the entire organization.

Secure Supply Chain Management

Identification of potential Cyber Security issues / risk within the current Supply Chain process and adoption of the necessarry organizational and technological measures.

Secure Architecture Design

Assessing the current OT architecture by using industry-leading standards/best practices (e.g. IEC) and designing a new secure architectural model that could allow to minimize the Cyber Security risk exposure.

Monitoring & Protection

Identification and adoption of adequate technologies aime to proactively monitor and detect advanced threats within the OT ecosystem.