Strategy & Governance

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Helping organizations to understand how best to align their Cyber Security agenda with their dynamic business and compliance priorities.

Strategy & Risk Management

Defining a Cyber Security strategy, quantify the risks, and evaluate the actual costs of a security program.

Privacy & Compliance Management

Complying with privacy & regulatory/industry frameworks such as GDPR, NIST CSF, COBIT, ISO, etc. Support organizations in Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Compliance advisory.

Training & Awareness Programs

Designing and delivering training and awareness programs to users, managers and board members through specific sessions, services (e.g. workshop, pillols, event, simulation, gamification) and platforms (e.g. e-learning).

GRC Platforms

Selecting and adopting adequate Governance, Risk & Compliance platforms in order to help organizations to improve a resilient and integrated enterprise processes.

Secure Third Parties Management

Identifying Cyber Security risks introduced by third parties relationships and adopting the necessary measures such as contractual clauses, audit activities, etc.

Dashboard & Analytics

Developing a comprehensive set of processes and technologies to baseline, measure and report the Management on the health, progress and value of the Cyber Security program.