Threat & Incident Management

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Helping organizations to maintain their Cyber Security agenda as their business and technology programs evolve by providing greater visibility and understanding of changing risks.

Advanced Attack Simulation

Identifying any potential Cyber Security issues and vulnerabilities in organizations IT infrastructure and applications by simulating attack techniques of advanced threat actors.

Threat Modeling & Intelligence

Defining threat models related to the organizational context (e.g. industry, business model) and monitoring of data leakage & brand abuse that could lead to fraud and cyber attacks.

Vulnerability Management

Adopting a comprehensive Vulnerability Management program with first-class technologies and processes in order to adequately manage the remediation activities.

Incident Handling

Advanced analysis and investigations of potential threats or data breaches and efficient response to Cyber Security incidents.

Security Operations Enhancement

Evaluating the current Security Operations capabilities through Purple Teaming activities and designing and adopting enhanced technologies (e.g. SOAR) and processes.

Event & Behaviour Monitoring

Identifying and adopting specifici technologies based on Machine Learning and behavioural capabilities in order to promptly identify and manage Cyber Security threats related to on-premise and cloud environments.